If you would like to report anything that you feel would be of interest to our members, please contact us via this online form.

Your contact details will be appreciated in case we need to check any information or investigate further.

To report issues such as fallen trees, pollution, fly-tipping, blocked gullys etc, please use the links below.

Issues like fallen trees or footpath damage can be reported to Sheffield City Council Parks and Countryside Service by telephone on 0114 250 0500 or email parksandcountryside@sheffield.gov.uk.

For litter, fly tipping or rubbish bins, contact Sheffield City Council:


SCC Customer Services: 0114 273 4567

Environmental issues, including pollution and dead or dying fish, can be reported to the Environment Agency incident line (0800-807060) with the time/date noticed and email in the pictures to ics@environment-agency.gov.uk. For more details see:


For vandalism or anti-social behaviour, contact South Yorkshire Police online at http://www.southyorks.police.uk/ or call 101.

For invasive species like Japanese knotweed, signal crayfish or floating pennywort, please record locations via the Invasive Non-Native Species website at https://ywt-data.org/inns-mapper/home

Unusual discharges into the river, for example from Combined Sewer Outfalls, should be reported to Environment Agency incident line (0800-807060) with the time/date noticed, and pictures emailed to ics@environment-agency.gov.uk.

Report flooding on roads and blocked road drains:

Report a problem with a drain or gulley: