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Membership costs £ 3 per household per year and includes a quarterly newsletter.  New members will receive a full introductory pack.

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For further information, contact Christine & Graham Roe on (0114) 266 5473.

Email: g.roe@sheffield.ac.uk

Task Team

The Rivelin Valley Conservation Group’s “Task Team” (photo taken by Russell Cavanagh http://russellcavanagh.me.uk).

@russellcavanagh for producing this excellent documentary on the RVCG Task Team

The Task Team is made up of a number of dedicated volunteers that come from all walks of life and are committed to improving the valley and it’s surroundings for the benefit of all of today’s users and future generations.

You don’t have to be super-fit to join the team; we leave that to the many joggers that regularly use the nature trail. Each individual gives as much time and effort as they can afford. The age span of the group is from 16 to 80.

The group provides all of the tools and training if required and the group’s insurance and liability covers all members.  All we ask is that you turn up prompt with a stout pair of Wellingtons or boots and preferably a pair of gardening gloves.

The Team works on the last Sunday of each month meeting at 10.00am and concluding between 2.00 – 3.00pm although for the truly committed there is a smaller team that works in the valley on a more regular basis when and if the need occurs.  Jobs undertaken by the team in the past vary largely from woodland clearance and maintenance to dam repair work and footpath construction including structures such as gates & stiles.

The team can count amongst its numbers civil and mechanical engineers, welders, joiners, Stonemasons, a public rights of way officer, students, housewives, a local friendly Farmer and a whole host of other jobs that make up a multi gender team that is starting to make a difference to the whole experience of walking the Rivelin.

If you wish to join this team and put something back into the Rivelin you can do so by contacting the Team co-ordinator.

The work of the Task Team is funded mainly through the group’s fundraising activities and a small grant from the council. Anyone wishing to make a contribution to the work of the Team can do so by contacting the Chairman or the Membership secretary (Quoting Task Team donation) all money donated will go towards the Teams work within the valley.

Any damage or vandalism within the valley, which you think the group, may be able to help with, contact us through the above link.

Fly Tipping Contacts

  • Sheffield Environmental Enforcement Team (01142) 037410
  • Street Force (Dumping) (01142) 734567

Vandalism or Anti-Social Behaviour Contact

  • Local police non-emergency number 0114  2202020

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