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Wadsley and Loxley Commoner Newsletters Available

The Wadsley and Loxley Commoners has decided to put some of their recent members newsletters on their website.
Members receive two newsletters each year, passing on details of what the group has been doing and listing all the events and conservation days (“Commoners’ Muck-in Days”).
Please consider joining WALC because subscriptions go towards – conservation work, wildlife walks, talks, website and newsletters.

Graffiti in the valley

Over the last bank holiday weekend in May, many of the mill markers and benches in Rivelin Valley were vandalised with graffiti by a group known to the authorities.  The graffiti was photographed and displayed on RVCG Facebook and a Just Giving website was set up which has raised over £1000 reflecting the passion and revulsion of the general community.   The money will be used to provide cleaning materials and personal protection equipment for the RVCG Task Team to remove, or paint over, the graffiti. Any remaining funds will be added to the RVCG bench replacement fund.  Thank you to everyone for your generous contributions.

What's On

Unfortunately the current RVCG programme has been postponed to maintain social distancing. We are currently working on a new programme for open meetings beginning in January 2021.

New Rivelin Trail Posts

We have now installed marker posts at all 20 of the mills and dams along the Rivelin. This has been made possible by the many kind donations and sponsorship of the posts.

Each post marks the site of a particular mill and comes with a QR code and an NFC tag which can be used from a smart phone to access videos, images and further information about the history of the site, and the nature in that area. Click here to see the new interpretation.

Rivelin Trail Post

Walking the Rivelin Book

6th Edition now available!

Now with even more pictures and information to guide you through this beautiful valley, this updated and extended edition features a trail guide with maps, historical details about each watermill site and where to look for the wildlife. It is richly-illustrated in colour with old photographs and maps. Click for more details ...

"Walking the Rivelin" is also now available from:

  • Rivelin Valley Park Cafe (Rivelin Park Rd, Sheffield, South Yorkshire S6 5GE)
  • Beeches of Walkley (290 South Road, Walkley, Sheffield, S6 3TE)
  • The Famous Sheffield Shop (475 Ecclesall Rd, Sheffield, South Yorkshire S11 8PP)
  • GT News - Crosspool (21 Sandygate Road, Sheffield, South Yorkshire S10 5NG)
  • Flask End Post Office / cafe, Low Bradfield (Flaskend, Woodfall House, Woodfall Lane, Low Bradfield, Sheffield S6 6LA)
  • Broomhill Post Office (273 Fulwood Road, Sheffield, South Yorkshire S10 3BD)
  • Sheffield Scene (49 Surrey St, Sheffield S1 2LG)
  • Space 205, 205 Crookes, Sheffield S10 1TE
  • The Schoolrooms, Mill Lee Road, Low Bradfield, Sheffield, S6 6LB
  • Walkley Library, 403 South Rd, Sheffield S6 3TD
  • Robert D Salons, 11A Hillsborough Rd, Sheffield S6 4JL
  • Valleyside Garden Centre, Manchester Rd, Sheffield S10 5PW
  • The Crown & Glove, 96 Uppergate Road, Stannington, Sheffield, S6 6BY
  • Front Cover of Walking the Rivelin Book

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