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What's there now?

Having been abandoned over 150 years ago, and partly filled by slippage from the hillside above, the drained mill dam is in the final stages of silting up and is well wooded.

Nothing remains of the mill building or tail goit, but parts of the head goit can still be seen in places as a channel between the path and the hillslope above.

Images the area of the former Plonk Wheel workshop

The area of the former Plonk Wheel workshop and wheel pit is now very overgrown. Photo: Sue Shaw, May 2016.

Image of stones which may indicate location of former weir.

Stones beside the river upstream of Plonk Wheel may mark the location of a former weir (although there is some doubt whether Plonk had its own weir). Photo: Sue Shaw, January 2016.

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