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Nature and wildlife at Nether Cut Wheel

The Nether Cut mill dam was cleared and dredged in 1967, at which time it was stocked with Roach and Tench. It is still largely open water, now with Trout and Perch, and with a variety of wetland plant species such as Angelica, Bitter-cress, Creeping Buttercup, Figwort, Horse-tail, Reedmace (Bulrush) and Water Mint. This is a popular spot for the Heron to fish and Grey Wagtails can often be seen on the exposed mud patches. In 2012, the RVCG undertook repairs to the stonework along the top of the dam wall near the overflow after some of the capping stones were stolen. Look out for a patch of Wild Garlic on the bank to the left of the path up to Rivelin Valley Road, and another near the fork in the path.

The Nether Cut mill dam.

The Nether Cut mill dam. [Photo: Sue Shaw, June 2015]

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