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What's there now?

The weir, a short, blocked head goit and the outfall from the tail goit into the river are all that remains at the Grogram site. The wide weir is in fair condition. Its design is unusual – the southern section is curved and is a typical block-stone slope, but on the northern side the river cascades over a straight, vertical stone wall. Just upstream of the weir at the bottom of the wall to the right, two arches mark where the Mousehole Forge tail goits flow into the river.

The river bank and island beside the weir are coated in discarded molten metal, waste material from the nearby Mousehole Forge, which has solidified over the rocks.

There is now an electricity sub-station on the site of the mill dam.

The end of the tail goit from Grogram Wheel (marked by a wide concrete slab) is visible directly below the wall on the south side of the pedestrian crossing on Stannington Road.

More images coming soon!

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