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Introduction to RVCG

The group was formed in 1991 with the aim to encourage the effective management of wildlife habitats and to reverse the decline of the nature trail over the past decade. The Rivelin Valley is two and a half miles long and with over 700 lime trees lining the road making it the second longest lime tree avenue in Britain.

The fast flowing river, regulated by its constant release from moorland peat proved ideal for powering the wheels for the twenty mills along its course. One of the oldest being the Hind Wheel 1581 with some still working up to the 1950's. Perhaps the most famous being Mousehole Forge at Malin Bridge which produced world famous anvils and is being carefully restored by its present owner.

What remain are the ponds which used to feed them and with support of the Ponds Conservation Trust and Yorkshire Water, the group intends to restore as many as possible for the wildlife to inhabit and the public to enjoy.

Membership is £ 3 per household per year (this includes quarterly newsletter, work days on the last Sunday of each month, regular walks, talks from enthusiasts and experts and other events throughout the year).

For further information, do not hesitate to contact us.

Committee and Contacts
Graham Appleby - (01142) 660203
Email: rvcg.chair@btopenworld.com

Vice Chairman and Task Force Coordinator
Keith Kendall - (01142) 307144
Email: rvcg@supanet.com

M. Sanderson - (01142) 306790
Email: msanderson35@googlemail.com

Christine & Graham Roe - (0114) 266 5473
Email: g.roe@sheffield.ac.uk

Group Recorder
Joan Buckland
Email: joan.buckland@btinternet.com

David Lyon (01142) 302660
Email: david.lyon@talktalk.net

Derek Hastings

Helen Beardmore
Email: helen.beardmore@gmail.com

Conservation Advisor to RVCG
Roger Kite (01142) 306194
Email: rogerkite40@tiscali.co.uk

Jonathan Paragreen
Email: rivelin.valley@gmail.com

Other documents and policies
  • RVCG Safeguarding policy
  • Newsletter archive

    We produce our newsletter on a quarterly basis.  Back copies of the newsletter will be added here shortly, as will the newest newsletters when they are published.  All newsletters are in pdf format. For a full version of this newsletter you are required to be a member of the RVCG.

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